Thursday, June 4, 2009

Save 32% Today! Until June 10 or till this CRV sold

Yes! Save 32% vs. the price of a 2009 CRV ($23,115) and 15% vs. Kelly Blue Book private party values for the same 2007 CRV LX model ($20,140). Scroll down below for details. The remaining car manufacturer's warranty on the vehicle is still about 15 months and around 17,000 miles.

I still feel that the fair price to a direct buyer for this vehicle is around $19,000. However, I do need to sell it as I am leaving to work overseas by June 12.

The current reduced price of $17,495 (or best offer) saves you $3,000 to 6,000 instantly! Since I will sell this CRV either to a private party or to a dealer by June 10 at the latest, I invite all serious buyers to take a closer look. There is only 1 item. It may be gone sooner than you think.

Call Joseph at 262-902-0166 or email

Friday, May 1, 2009

Great Value for You

Our 2007 Honda CRV is for sale at a fair price for you and for us. $17,495 OBO (or best offer). Low mileage (19k mi). Free Carfax report. First Owner. Exclusively serviced at Schlossman's Honda City where car was purchased 21 months ago. Well maintained. Service records available. Always garaged. No Accidents. Non-smoker. Factory warranty. Runs & drives great. Must See.

1. Fantastic SAVINGS- Instantly save 32% vs. new and 15% vs. private party
2. Excellent PERFORMANCE: lowest operating cost
3. Guaranteed LIFETIME VALUE
4. Unmatched PEACE of MIND on safety and reliability
5. Superior RESALE value

For more info, call Joseph at 262-902-0166 (cellphone).